Your Wedding Cake Journey

Your Wedding Cake Journey

Planning a wedding can be an all consuming task with en endless list of ‘to do’s’. I like to hope that my couples trust me to take of everything relating to their wedding cake and so here’s a typical wedding cake journey with The Bake Pod.

Enquiry & Availability
The first stage often starts with an enquiry through my website whereby I ask for an initial set of details including your name, contact details, wedding date and wedding venue. This then enables me to check the diary for my availability. I only take on a certain amount of weddings each year as I like each one of my couples to have my full attention and it’s only me running the show. I also have a house and family to run and holidays to fit it so the diary fills up very fast!

Sample Box

Once I’ve checked my availability and the answer is yes there are two options for you. The first is to secure your date with a £100 deposit and then to organise a sample box of your chosen flavours from my menu to be sent to you. The second option is to have a sample box sent out without securing the date and the cost of this is £30. I work on a first come, first served basis to be fair to all and so once a date is gone it’s gone, I still find it really sad to say no, I want to do every one!. Sample boxes are sent on specific dates and you have the choice of five different flavours from my menu to try. These are often enjoyed as an event with family and friends. Following the sample box I then organise a suitable date and time to call you so that I can get to know you and immerse myself in your wedding plans and style.


Following the chat with you I write up a detailed quote and for iced cakes I sketch out your cake which can really bring things to life. I then ask you to confirm that you’re happy with everything. Once I have that confirmation you won’t hear from me again until much nearer to your wedding date as I like to leave you alone to enjoy the rest of wedding planning. I will of course be beavering away in the background for you and my door is of course always open if you have any further questions.

Behind the Scenes

Whilst you are enjoying the run up to your big day I will be making all of the preparations for your cake including stocking any supplies required. I will make any sugar decorations in advance of your wedding due to the time required to make these details or if you have chosen fresh flowers I will contact your chosen florist direct to organise what is required for your cake. Your venue will also be contacted to organise delivery times and any logistics. About one to two weeks prior to your wedding I will then give you a final call just to check in with you. This isn’t because I need anything, its just to share in your excitement for your big day and also to check such things like if there’s anything else you’d like me to place on your cake table on the day.

DeliveryI always recommend that I deliver your cake due to the heavy and also delicate nature of wedding cakes. However, you are of course welcome to collect your cake and I will provide transportation instructions. For my regular venues I already know timing and entry details but for more unfamiliar venues I will check on these details so that I’m fully prepared on the day. There’s nothing worse than turning up and using the entry with lots of potholes when you could have used the smooth one just half a mile down the road! If I know that my bride or groom is at the venue I will often try and see them on their big day which is always a special moment. Once at the venue I will set up your cake and if using fresh flowers I will always place the flowers on the cake myself so that I know it’s just as it should be. And that’s where it ends, unless I’m lucky enough to be sent photo’s of your wonderful day which is always a huge highlight and privilege!

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