Wedding Venue Searching

Wedding Venue Searching

Pendrell Hall outside 2    The Ashes Barns barn Pendrell Hall accommodation

One of the first things on your wedding planning list is likely to be choosing your wedding venue and so here’s my handy tips on finding the perfect venue for you.

Availability – once you’ve had chance to whittle down your preferred venues the first thing to check is availability for your planned wedding date. Popular venues get booked up quickly these days but if there is no availability for your date then cross it off the list.

Location – how far do you want to travel from your home? I’m a great believer in doing things your way for your wedding, after all, it’s your day, but you might want to think about travel times for your guests too. Also, if you’re planning a church wedding you don’t want your wedding venue to be too far away. Who wants a two hour drive to get that first celebratory glass of champagne?

Capacity – consider how many guests you will be inviting and if the venue can accommodate your numbers. Equally, if you’re having an intimate celebration consider the room sizes, you don’t want 20 guests sitting in a grand hall. One other thing to check is if the venue has a minimum guest size condition whereby you pay a surcharge if you don’t meet the minimum requirement.

Accommodation – does your venue offer accommodation for both yourself and your guests or is this a necessity at all? If your venue doesn’t offer accommodation are there suitable hotels nearby?

Budget – check what’s included in the venue hire price and if there are restrictions on what you can provide yourself to keep the costs down. Some venues offer ‘no corkage’ whereby you can provide your own daytime drinks which can be helpful. Also, some venues will allow you to use your own catering although this is now inclusive with many venues.

Parking – is there ample parking for your guests and wedding suppliers?

Privacy – ask if the venue holds more than one wedding on the same day. You may not be worried about this topic, if so great. However, if want more privacy then you want a venue that is exclusive to you on your day, or, is big enough to house more than one wedding so that it doesn’t seem overcrowded.

Most importantly, does the venue fit with your wedding style? You will get a feel from your venue and it’s wedding staff as soon as you visit but do consider your theme e.g. romantic barn, intimate boutique hotel, grand manor house. Think about what photos you want to have taken by your photographer and if the inside and grounds of the venue will offer what you want. Remember to ask, ask and ask again whilst choosing your venue. The wedding teams should be more than happy to answer all of your questions to help you chose the perfect place.

Two of my favourite venues in Staffordshire are Pendrell Hall and The Ashes Barns. I had the pleasure of attending a wedding at Pendrell Hall as a guest and it was fabulous. Take a look at their websites for inspiration…

Pendrell Hall Exclusive Country House Wedding Venue with accommodation Staffordshire Hall outside




The Ashes Exclusive Country House Barn Wedding Venue Staffordshire The Ashes Barns outside








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