Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding Cake Trends

I only have to look at The Bake Pods wedding bookings for 2018 to see that there are some stunning trends to this years wedding cakes. Here’s a selection what’s looking really popular….

Natural Cakes 
Whether you call them ‘semi-naked, nearly-naked or non-iced they all amount to the same thing and these Bake Pod favourites show no signs of slowing down. Perfect for a more natural or rustic event, they are generally decorated with fresh flowers and foliage.

Drip or Drizzle Cakes
These cakes have moved upwards in the sophisticated sense with their drips becoming evermore delicate or elaborate. Finished with fresh flowers or fruit and foliage they can easily adapt to any type of wedding theme.


Golds and silvers have always been popular in wedding design but rose gold is fighting for the crown this year! Subtle accents of metallics on a wedding cake or even a whole tier of edible leaf are a real hit.

Marble Cakes 
Marble shows no signs of slowing down in the popularity stakes. These cakes can be as striking or as subtle as you like and can be mixed with other textures and colour co-ordinated to any design. We love grey marble at Bake Pod!

White on White
Lovely elegant white on white cakes that would fit perfectly in most wedding seasons. A simple addition of texture or lightly coloured flowers can be all that’s needed!


Dessert Tables
Wedding couples are becoming more adventurous and rather than having one cake are opting for dessert tables or a few additional beautiful edibles to compliment their main cake. The addition of a few extra treats can transform a cake vision into a delightful display.


Geometric Cakes
Geometric designs and bold colours provide a modern look to any wedding cake. I love the art deco cake in this section.


Featured cakes from: Bake Pod, Ashley Cakes NC, Sweet Blooms, Nine Cakes, Ivy and Stone, Anna Cake Couture

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