Eco-Friendly Changes

Eco-Friendly Changes

Like many others I continue to become more environmentally aware and have made several changes within the Bake Pod to be more planet friendly. Some of these changes I’ve made have been with the equipment I use, the suppliers I work with or the processes I use to create my cakes. Many of the changes I’ve made have been virtually effortless but others have needed many hours of research and have also been a cost to the business, which I am of course happy to absorb. I share many of these changes on my social media accounts to help other fellow bakers. Of course, this continues to be a journey for me, I am by no means perfect at all . There are other changes that I’d like to make that are just not viable for me at the moment but for now I’m just happy to be moving forward. Here’s my journey so far…..

My ingredients, wherever possible, are all either, fairtrade, produced here in the UK or by local suppliers. For instance, my main ingredients such as eggs, butter and flour are all produced here in the UK. The cocoa and Callebaut Belgian chocolate I use within my ganache is fairtrade certified. My jams and curds are produced by local Staffordshire company Cottage Delights and the fruit I use is sourced my local greengrocers.


I have swapped from plastic dowels to bamboo dowels used with my tiered cakes which are just as robust, easier to cut and also much better to recycle. My brand of choice is PME. My cake tin liners I now use are all reusable. Prior to this I would use parchment paper which is difficult to recycle once it has become contaminated with cake mixture. I source these from Planit Products  but if you’re a regular baker I’d recommend the heavy duty ones.

Wedding Favours

I now use glassine envelopes for my wedding favours which are sourced from 100% sustainability-managed forests and are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. In my view they’re just as pretty, especially when styled up with tags etc. I also now wrap my cake samples in glassine paper rather than cellophane which, after a trial period of testing was found to be just as good at keeping the samples fresh through the postage system. My envelopes are sourced from World of Envelopes.


The energy used to power my oven and my trusty mixers now comes from 100% renewable resources such as the wind, solar and biomass.

Carbon Footprint
My ultimate aim is to swap to an electric car but in the meantime I carbon offset the miles I use to deliver cakes. This means that I pay for trees to be planted in my local area, mainly schools, and also for each tree planted an additional amount of CO2 is offset through global projects. There are several companies you can choose to do this through and in basic terms for me it means that for every 1000 miles, one new tree is planted.

I hope you’ve found this useful. As I said at the beginning, I’m just at the start of my eco journey, I still make mistakes and also convenience and expense sometimes means that I don’t always make the right choice. However, for now I’m happy that I’ve started the journey and that I’m slowly changing things and making conscious decisions for our wonderful planet.


Posted by: Hayley on 2nd June 2019 @ 3:31 pm
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